Agen's Racing

Agen's Automotive is proud to sponsor racers at our local tracks, including one of our very own, Doug Sheldon. Doug has won 8 track championships at various tracks around Alaska through-out his racing career. Doug first started Drag racing, but eventually fell in love with the battle for 1st place and continuous track time that came with racing oval tracks. He sold his funny car for a legends car and started to race at a local paved race track in Alaska called Northstar Speedway. Northstar Speedway eventually closed forcing Doug to quit racing for a few years. In 2016, Alaska Raceway Park (home of the only drag strip in Alaska) built a paved oval track right next to their drag strip and got it sanctioned by NASCAR. Doug was offered a chance to race again and he took it in a heartbeat. The first season ended quick, too quick, and again Doug was offered another opportunity to race...but this time in Vegas, at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Bullring. Doug took the chance and flew down to Vegas to race at Legend Car Nationals during AK Raceway Parks off-season. He met some amazing racers and even convinced a few of them to come up to Alaska and race at Alaska’s own track.

It's been a few years since Alaska Raceway Park opened and Doug still continues to race at both tracks and even travels to other states in the Lower 48 to race his Legends Car. We love to share his journey through the photos and videos we post on social media. Check-in with our blog and gallery to see updates and photos of our experiences at these tracks. Check out our YouTube channel for videos and highlights of the races. Thank you for supporting us and our racing.