About Agen's Automotive

Agen’s Automotive has been serving the Anchorage area since 1973. Our technicians are not only ASE certified, but have over 100+ years of automotive experience combined. You can be sure our technicians are equipped to handle your needs, whether you need an engine, or an oil change, we’ll be here.

We are a family owned and operated shop, determined to create a friendly and inviting experience for all. It is of the upmost importance to us to make sure all of our customers feel comfortable speaking with us about repairs.

Here at Agen’s we encourage our customers to get to know their vehicles and keep up their maintenance. Maintaining a vehicle keeps it in top shape, and avoids costly repairs. In order to help customers keep track of their maintenance we offer a host of FREE services such as; maintenance/repair estimates, maintenance reminders, pulling check engine light codes, and scheduling online. We also have classes dedicated to teaching our customers how to change their spare tire, how to inspect their own fluids, with many other interesting topics throughout the class. We do this because Agen’s is dedicated to giving our customers the knowledge they need to keep their vehicles on the road and money in their pockets.

Most of our customers prefer to drop their vehicles off on their appointment days, but we understand not everyone has a ride available to go home. This is exactly why we offer our customers; free wi-fi, reading materials, water , coffee, and tv – with Netlfix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and YouTube. Call us or schedule an appointment online today!